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Ammergauer Hof presents you our Finnish Grillkota

  • Ammergauer Hof The experience begins with the step across the threshold. From the outside, the cabin looks small and quiet, but inside is a lot of space for comfort and enjoyment. In a relaxed atmosphere for up to 15 people, on a single integrated wooden bench padded with pillows and skins around the open fireplace.
  • Ammergauer Hof A beverage package we provide individually.
  • Ammergauer Hof Everyone can see and enjoy the conversations in a unique lodge atmosphere . A hint of campfire romance comes up and beats every guest in his spell. For drinks and snack you don't have to worry by yourself because we like to prepare individual deals according to your wishes.
  • Ammergauer Hof Rent our barbecue hut for birthdays, meetings or just with friends for a traditional evening in undisturbed atmosphere.
  • Ammergauer Hof Finnish Grillkota in Gleis 1 Beer garden
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